Premium Lash Care

WUIM takes great pride in the quality of our work.  We are diligent and meticulous about our application process and our main concern is to keep your natural lashes healthy and looking their best.  Other studios may not perform to our standard of care and therefore we must allow additional time (which requires an additional fee – depending on the complexity of your previous service).  We strive to give all of our clients beautiful, healthy results.

We prefer to schedule our appointments based on time rather than by counting lashes.  We do not count how many eyelash extensions we apply per eye, but if we were to estimate it would likely be between 90-120 lash extensions per eye for Classic Eyelash Extensions. 

The number of extensions we apply depends on how many natural lashes you have on each eye and the health and/or condition of your natural eyelashes.  Everyone’s lashes are different and we meticulously isolate each individual healthy eyelash hair for one extension.  Other factors include how many extensions you’ve kept on from our previous appointment, and how many natural lashes you have shed.

*Touch-Up appointments are only available to our current clients.  New clients must have a full set applied by WUIM. Though we do make exceptions to this policy, we may accept transfers from select stylists.  We ask that all transfer clients first schedule a Consultation.

If your service requires additional time and there is an opportunity to do so, the Lash Stylist will offer it in 15 minute increments for an additional fee.

At WUIM, we have high expectations.  We demonstrate an exceptional level of execution in our applications and use premium products to achieve beautiful results.  We love doing your lashes as much as you love your lashes.  We strive to give you the best results for your dollar, and this can only be ensured by not going over another salon’s work.

We prefer to work with a fresh, clean set of eyelashes.  Since there are many interpretations of eyelash extension applications, we cannot account for other salon’s products and techniques.

If your current eyelash extensions are from another salon and/or you are well past the 5 week mark, we will require you to have them completely removed.  (No worries, it’s a simple process, and we do our best to preserve your natural eyelashes).  The removal process is an additional 20-30+ minutes prior to your Full Set appointment.  By giving your lashes a fresh start, we can monitor your progress and get your lashes back on the road to recovery.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having been a recipient of a eyelash extension disaster, we would love to help.  We believe your extensions should be painless and beautiful.  Please schedule a CONSULTATION and we’ll work together to bring your lashes to a healthier state.

For your safety, please inform us of your state of health and use of medications.  Facial waxing must occur prior to your Signature or Advanced Facial if scheduled on the same day, and cannot be administered within 24 hours of a Microdermabrasion Facial.  Facial waxing cannot be administered to any client using Retin-A, glycolic acids, Accutane or some antibiotics.  Body hair must be at least ¼ inch in length for waxing.  Body waxing cannot be administered within 24 hours of a full body Spa Body Treatment.


Wake Up In Makeup Policy


We regret that Individual Services, Promotional Services, Sale Services, or Gift Certificates purchased for yourself or for another individual are absolutely non-refundable. This applies to Lash Extensions, Facials, and Waxing Treatments purchased. We will be happy to hold the service amount or transfer the service dollar amount to a Gift Certificate for use for up to one year from the date of purchase for your convenience. There are NO REFUNDS on any services we have already execute. If you are unhappy with a service please contact us within 48 hours, and we will be happy to fix any issues you may have.


Yes, your appointment time is valuable to us and we want to provide the best service possible at the time that is most convenient for you. If you need to reschedule or cancel please call us and give us a 24 hour advance notice. If we do not receive a call before the 24 hours you will be charged for 50% of your appointment. If you "no show" for your appointment we will charge you for the full appointment. When calling in to schedule your first appointment you will be asked for a credit card to hold your appointment. We cannot hold your appointment if we are not provided a credit card. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you soon.
Our lounge offers a soothing environment for all clients and staff. Keeping that as our focus; we do not allow babies or children under 6 years of age in the lounge unless accompanied by an adult. This policy is also for the safety of your children, our technicians and our clients as you are not able to attend to your children during your appointment.